A Step-by-Step Guide

Admissions Process

At Singer Island Health, we are here to help you begin your journey to a sober and healthy life. We take pride in our simple and efficient admissions process. Our team of representatives, many of whom are in recovery, welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and guide you through your admission.

Step 1: The Initial Call and Pre-Screening

When you call us, you will have a conversation with one of our team who will listen to you without judgment. During your conversation you will be asked some questions about your substance use, mental health, and medical history.

  • Substance use – What is your substance of choice and your history with substance abuse? How old were you when you started using? Have you been in recovery before? How much are you currently using, and how often do you use?
  • Living situation – Is your living situation stable? If not, what is your living environment?
  • Medical history – Are there any medical conditions such as a heart condition, diabetes, or others we should be aware of?
  • Mental health history – Have you been diagnosed with any mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, PTSD, or anxiety? Are you currently receiving treatment for these conditions? Are you on any medications for these disorders?
  • Eating disorder history – Do you have a diagnosed eating disorder? Are you in remission?
  • Any additional medical information

Please be assured that your call to us is 100% confidential. The call and anything you disclose are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) which means your information can only be shared with your permission.

Step 2: Payment and Insurance

Singer Island Health believes recovery should be available to anyone in need of help. We work with most major insurance carriers and are able verify your benefits and determine your coverage for treatment when you call us. You can also verify your insurance benefits here.

We will review any payments or co-payments you may be responsible for covering. In addition, we also offer payment options if you are uninsured, under-insured, or do not want to use your insurance benefits for personal reasons.

Step 3: Getting to Singer Island Health

When your pre-screen, clinical assessment, and insurance/payment information are complete, you are ready for admission. We will continue to work with you to make sure getting to Singer Island Health is stress-free. You will be provided with an admission date, a packing list, and we can help you make travel arrangements, including:

Your path to recovery is waiting
and we’re here to help.

Our admissions specialist are available 24/7 to listen to your story
and get you started with next steps.

Why call us?

  • Flight reservations (promissory note and/or payment arrangements required)
  • Arrangements to pick you up at transportation centers, such as airport, train station, and bus terminals.
  • Local pick-up from your home.
  • Communicating with you and your loved ones, both while traveling and upon arrival.

Step 4: Arriving at Our Treatment Facilities

When you arrive at Singer Island Health, a staff member will greet you and begin a detailed intake process. We will confirm some of the information from your phone intake regarding your medical and substance use history. You will also have a mental health exam to begin developing your individualized treatment plan.

Covid-19 Testing and Protocols

Singer Island Health’s policies are adopted from best practices as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Florida Department of Health, and local health agencies. We regularly review changes to ensure we remain a leader in Covid-19 prevention in treatment centers.

Upon admission, you will be tested for the coronavirus. Testing and processing are done on-site at no cost to you, and results are available within 15 minutes. Our clients come from across the country, and we do our utmost to safeguard each person’s health at Singer Island Health through a robust testing strategy. The safety of patients and staff is a top priority for the leadership team.

In addition to our testing program, all staff at Singer Island Health are trained to recognize symptoms of Covid-19 and prevent the spread. We have in place:

  • 24-hour a day access to medical staff and on-site to address any possible cases immediately,
  • Alignment with guidance from federal, state, and local health officials,
  • Regular facility cleaning and sanitization, with particular attention paid to high-contact areas,
  • Guidance for staff and patients to help maintain the highest level of sanitary and hygiene practices,
  • Social distancing measures and facial coverings are required for all staff and patients. We also provide facial coverings to any client who is in need,
  • The ability to attend meetings and other groups virtually (e.g., Zoom),
  • Internal safety protocols and access to high-quality medical care for any patients who may be Covid-19 positive.

Beginning treatment may feel confusing and uncertain, but our caring staff will do their very best to make you feel comfortable, safe, and at home. Your recovery can begin with a phone call to us. While certainly easier said than done, one phone call can truly change your life and the lives of those you love most.